The University of Arizona
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Paul Cohen

Professor and Director
School of Information: Science, Technology, and Arts
University of Arizona

Gould-Simpson Building
1040 E. 4th Street
Tucson, AZ 85721

cohen at sista dot arizona dot edu

Selected Recent Talks and Presentations

Intelligence Analysis, Tracking, Security

Detecting and Tracking Hostile Plans in Hats World.  Aram Galstyan and Paul Cohen.  Army Conference on Statistics.  Rice University.  October 2007.

Tracking Scientists.  Paul Cohen.  International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Hyderabad, India.  January, 2007.

Simulating Terrorist Threats in the Hats Simulator.  Clayton Morrison, Paul Cohen, Gary King, Joshua Moody, Andrew Hannon.  Presented at the First Conference on Intelligence Analysis.  Washington, D.C., April 2005.

Iterative Algorithm for Node Classification in Social Networks.  Aram Galstyan and Paul Cohen.  Presented at the Sunbelt Conference.  March, 2005.

Predicting Simulated Terrorist Attacks.  Paul Cohen.  Presented at the KD-D meeting, December, 2003.

Data Mining

Segmentation and Chunking of Sequences. Presented at the UA Joint Computer Engineering - Computer Science Seminar. November 2008.

Wubbles, Language Learning, Image Schemas

Learning Language in Wubble World.  Wesley Kerr, Shane Hoversten, Daniel Hewlett, Paul Cohen and Yu-Han Chang.  Presented at the International Conference on Development and Learning (ICDL), Imperial College, July 2007.

Wubble World.  Daniel Hewlett, Shane Hoversten, Wesley Kerr, Paul Cohen and Yu-Han Chang.  Presented at the 2007 Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference.  

Image schemas and spatial reasoning,  Paul Cohen and Carole Beal.  Presented at the DARPA/IPTO Workshop on Spatial Reasoning.  New York, New York, October 26, 2006.

DARPA Learning Programs (Human-like Learning, Integrated Learning, Transfer Learning, Bootstrapped Learning)

Generating Step-ordering Experiments with CMAX.  Clayton Morrison and Paul Cohen.  April 2007.

Experiments in Developmental AI: Learning Action Schemas and Language in Jean's Room. Carole Beal, Paul Cohen, Yu-Han Chang, Wes Kerr, Daniel Hewlett, Shane Hoversten.  DARPA/IPTO BICA meeting. San Francisco, August 2006.

Learning by Doing: First Results on Transfer Learning.  Paul Cohen, Carole Beal, Tim Oates.  Presented at DARPATech, Anaheim,  May 2005.

Themes, Challenges, Programs: Summary of Workshop on Human-like Learning. Paul Cohen. Presented at the DARPA/IPTO workshop on Human-like Learning.  Minnesota,  November, 2004

Education Informatics

The Design, Deployment and Evaluation of the Animal Watch Intelligent Tutoring System.  Paul Cohen, Carole Beal, Niall Adams.   European Conference on AI.  July, 2007.

Education Informatics.  Paul Cohen, Carole Beal, Niall Adams et al.  ISI Expedition Talk.  October, 2007.

Computational Methods for Evaluating Student and Group Learning Histories in Intelligent Tutoring Systems.  Carole Beal and Paul Cohen.  Presented and the Conference on AI and Education.  Amsterdam, July 2005

Other Cognitive Science

Temporal Chunks.  Paul Cohen.  Presentation at the International Workshop on Natural and Artificial Intelligence, Pembroke College, Oxford. July 2007.

Maps for Verbs:  The relationship between interaction dynamics and verb use.  Paul Cohen, Clayton Morrison, Erin Cannon.  Presented at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh, Scotland, August 2005.

It's About Time: The Challenges of Robot Baby.  Paul Cohen. Talk given at various places, January 2003


Summary of the Future of AI Workshop. Paul Cohen. Workshop held at the Keidanren Guest House, Gotemba, Japan, Dec. 1, 2007.

The Knowledge Principle:  A Personal View. Paul Cohen. Delivered on the occasion of the Festschrift to honor Edward A. Feigenbaum. March 25, 2006

Assessing the Intelligence of Cognitive Decathletes.  Paul Cohen.  Presented at the NIST Workshop on Cognitive Decathlon.  Washington DC.  January 2006.

Tots and 'Bots: How the Mind Deals With Complexity.  Invited Talk at the TTI Vanguard Symposium on Complexity.  Los Angeles. September, 2005

If Not the Turing Test, Then What?  Paul Cohen.  Invited Talk at the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence.  July, 2004.

Autonomous Knowledge Capture: Systems that Build Themselves. Paul Cohen.  Invited talk at the Conference on Knowledge Capture.  October, 2003.