Intro to Machine Learning
ISTA 421 / INFO 521
Introduction to Machine Learning
[Fall 2017]

Assignment Submission Instructions

ISTA 421 / INFO 521 Home


Unless otherwise noted, we will use the D2L Assignments (formerly 'Dropbox') on the D2L page for this class for submitting all assignments.

In general, all assignments will involve two components: written portion and programming portion.

Written Portion of Assignments

All written assignments will be completed and submitted individually through the D2L dropbox for the assignment. All written portions of assignments must be submitted in PDF format. Use the following naming convention to name your submitted pdf:
So, for example, if your name is "Some Student" and you are submitting homework 3, then your file will have the following name:

Programming Portion of Assignments

Important note: Include comments in your code that explain clearly what your code is doing!

All programming assignments involve one or more source code (.py) files. Do not include any compiled binaries (e.g., .pyc files) -- they are of no use.

Follow the instructions for the specific assignment, turning in only what is specified plus any additional files you create yourself that your code depends on. We must be able to execute your code based on your submission. If your code does not execute, we will not grade it.


You will submit all of your files (.pdf, .py) in an archive; the following archive types are acceptable: .zip, .gz, .tar, or .tgz

Please use the following naming convention for your submitted archive:

So, for example, if you are submitting the initial tutorial project and your name is "Jane Doe" and you created a .zip archive, then your submitted archive would have this name: