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Jan 17 2012:SISTA is holding an art show on January 17 – February 9, 2012, at the UA Student Union Gallery. We are now accepting applications for artwork exhibitions. If you are using technology to create, share, or display artwork, use innovative technologies to “see” your research in a new way, use information visualization to show your data in a visual way, we want to see and share your artwork and research. Please read our Call to Artists for more information, and fill out an application form. Contact Holly Brown at to submit an application or with any questions. Learn more
Jan 13 2012:The Blurred Line Between Science and Art : The UA School of Information: Science, Technology & Arts is hosting its first exhibition of artwork by UA students, faculty members and staff that is blurring the lines that connect art, research, technology and science. Learn more
Dec 05 2011:Clayton Morrison, Associate Director and Assistant Research Professor for SISTA was quoted in an article by David Barber, in writing for "The Journal" an education technology trade publication. Page 4 of this article is particularly of interest, where he talks about SISTA. Learn more
Oct 31 2011:Harold Cohen, an internationally known scientist, gave a public talk at the UA on Oct. 31 about the years he spent developing AARON, a computer program that designs and prints its own original works of art. For decades, Harold Cohen collaborated with an artificial intelligence artist – a computer program he created in the 1970s that designs and prints its own works of art. Learn more
Oct 19 2011:With recorded success developing a self-learning robot, a UA team of researchers is working under a five-year, $3 million grant to improve what the robot is teaching itself. To create such a robot, Paul Cohen and Ian Fasel of the University of Arizona School of Information: Science, Technology, and Arts, or SISTA, won a five-year, $3 million grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Learn more
Aug 18 2011:Congratulations to Daniel Hewlett, Computer Science PhD student for successfully defending his dissertation titled: A Framework for Recognizing and Executing Verb Phrases. His committee consists of Chair, Paul Cohen, Ian Fasel, and Clayton Morrison. Learn more
Aug 05 2011:Congratulations to Derek Green, Computer Science PhD student for successfully defending his dissertation titled: Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Skill Acquisition. His committee consists of Chair, Paul Cohen, Carole Beal, Ian Fasel, and Clayton Morrison. Learn more
Aug 04 2011:Apple Developer Relations informed SISTA Director, Paul Cohen that a panel of technical professionals at Apple, Inc. selected Thomas Smallwood, University of Arizona student and SISTA major to attend the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which was held June 6-10 in San Francisco, CA. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is the premier event for developers creating innovating applications for Apple platforms. Many students apply, but only a select number are chosen. Please join us in congratulating Thomas on this significant achievement.
Jul 19 2011:Raquel Torres Peralta, Tasneem Kaochar, Ian Fasel, Clay Morrison, Tom Walsh and Paul Cohen.Challenges to Decoding the Intention Behind Natural Instruction Extended Abstract). Abstract: Currently, most systems for human-robot teaching allow only one mode of teacher-student interaction (e.g., teaching by demonstration or feedback), and teaching episodes have to be carefully set-up by an expert. To understand how we might integrate multiple, interleaved forms of human instruction into a robot learner, we performed a behavioral study in which 44 untrained humans were allowed to freely mix interaction modes to teach a simulated robot (secretly controlled by a human) a complex task. Analysis of transcripts showed that human teachers often give instructions that require considerable interpretation and are not easily translated into a form useable by machine learning algorithms. In particular, humans often use implicit instructions, fail to clearly indicate the boundaries of procedures, and tightly interleave testing, feedback, and new instruction. In this paper, we detail these teaching patterns and discuss the challenges they pose to automatic teaching interpretation as well as the machine-learning algorithms that must ultimately process these instructions. We highlight the challenges by demonstrating the difficulties of an initial automatic teacher interpretation system. This paper received the Best Presentation award at the IJCAI 2011 workshop on Agents Learning Interactively from Human Teachers (ALIHT), which concluded this past weekend. Tasneem applied for and received travel support from three sources: The ACM-W (ACM's Women In Computing) travel scholarship is funded by Wipro Technologies; the scholarship site is: The Coalition to Diversify Computing; The User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization Conference, held this year in Girona, Spain. Many thanks to these sponsors, and congratulations to Tasneem and Raquel!
Jul 18 2011:Spotlight on Teach Ourselves, A STEM-Focused Facebook App Learn more
Apr 20 2011:Congratulations to Tom Lowry, SISTA/CS Lab Staff, who is a 2011 recipient of The Staff Awards for Excellence, presented annually by the UA Staff Advisory Council, the Appointed Professionals Advisory Council, President Robert N. Shelton and the President's Cabinet. The Staff Awards for Excellence are designed to recognize employees who go above and beyond the call of duty in their jobs, whether it's by putting in extra hours, initiating innovative programs or always arriving at the office with a smile. Learn more
Mar 27 2011:National Science Foundation has awarded funding to UA researchers Diana Archangeli from Linguistics and Ian Fasel of School of Information: Science, Technology, and Arts to host a workshop for Linguist and ASR researchers to talk about a future Cyberinfrastructure grant that will be about developing a large multimodal speech database.
Nov 14 2010:Carole Beal and SISTA: Pythons help 6th-graders learn math Arizona Daily Star College of Science special publication: Science: Exploring our World and Ourselves Learn more
Aug 26 2010:The School of Information: Science, Technology, and Arts was introduced last year with an academic and research focus intended to train students in a broad range of disciplines in the art of computational thinking. Learn more
Aug 13 2010:In studying language acquisition and math performance, UA researcher Mary Alt is collaborating with Carole Beal, SISTA to investigate differences among students who are English language learners proficient in English and those who have specific language impairments. Learn more

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