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SISTA Colloquium Series

DateMonday, October 31, 2011
Time12:00 pm
Concludes1:30 pm
LocationStudent Union Kiva Room
SpeakerHarold Cohen
School/Dept.Professor Emeritus
AffiliationUniversity of California San Diego

Collaborations with My Other Self

Harold Cohen began work on his acclaimed AARON program in the early 1970\\\'s, making it one of oldest, continuously developing programs in history. During that period his relationship to the program has changed significantly. In this talk he pinpoints some of the key developments that brought about this change, and offers some tentative conclusions on the nature of computational creativity.


Harold Cohen, founding director of the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA), at UCSD was an English painter with an established international reputation when he came to the US for a one-year Visiting Professorship. His work on AARON began when he was a visiting scholar at Stanford University\\\'s Artificial Intelligence Lab. Together, Cohen and AARON have exhibited at London\\\'s Tate Gallery, the LA County Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Amsterdam\\\'s Stedelijk Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and many more of the world\\\'s major art spaces. They have also been shown at a dozen science centers, including the Ontario Science Center, the Boston Science Museum and the Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry. Cohen represented Britain in the Venice Biennale and the U.S. in the world’s fair in Tsukuba, Japan, in 1985. He has permanent exhibits devoted to his work in the Museum of Computing History in Mountain View, CA, and in the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.