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SISTA Registration Procedures

Unit Limit During Priority Registration: To increase course accessibility to students and decrease course hoarding during the 5 weeks of Priority Registration, the University will place a 16-unit maximum limit on enrollment via UAccess Student for all continuing students, with one exception - students who are active participants in the Honors Program. Following the Priority Registration period, all continuing students will have access to UAccess Student to add additional units, up to the 19-unit maximum set by their college.

Course Repeat Policy: The policy states that a student may attempt the same course at the University no more than twice, whether the student completes the course with a passing or failing grade (i.e., C, D, E, S, P, F, I) or whether the student audits, withdraws or is administratively dropped from the course (i.e., O, W,E, WO, XO). Repeating a course with the GRO counts as an additional attempt. Grades of A or B are never repeatable. If you are repeating a course for the purpose of meeting grade requirements for Computer Science major admission, exceptions to this policy may be made. Please speak to your advisor.

Please note that it is the students responsibility to check for completion of course prerequisites.

The fact that UAccess Student allows you to sign up for a course does not mean you are qualified to take it. Students bear sole responsibility for fulfilling all appropriate prerequisites, which are listed in the Schedule of Classes. UAccess will not block you from registering for a course so if you have not completed the prerequisites with appropriate grades, the instructor and/or Academic Services Office may drop you from your classes if these deficiencies are discovered.

Individual Studies

Registration for Individual Study units is only available through department registration. To register for these units, obtain your faculty advisor's signature on an Individual Studies Proposal Form. Bring the form to the Academic Services office in Gould-Simpson 901 to be added to the class. For further assistance, please call 621-4632.

293 Internship (1-3)
391 Preceptorship (1-3)
392 Directed Research
399 Independent Study (1-3)
399H Honors Independent Study (1-3)
492 Directed Research
493 Internship (1-3)
498H Honors Thesis (1-6)
499 Independent Study (1-4)
499H Honors Independent Study (1-4)
593 Internship (1-6)
599 Independent Study (1-4)
695C Colloquium-Doctoral (3)
699 Independent Study (1-4)
900 Research (1-6)
910 Thesis (1-6)
920 Dissertation (1-9)