The University of Arizona

ISTA 100: Great Ideas of the Information Age
(Spring 2012)

Course Description

This course introduces the great ideas of the Information Age. These are ideas are essential to many disciplines in the sciences, engineering, the humanities and the arts. They should be taught in a way that emphasizes their generality, but rarely are. Consider networks. You probably are familiar with networks of computers and social networks, but how about signaling networks in biological cells, or food webs in ecology? These manifestations of networks matter in their respective fields, so if you learn what they have in common, then you can bridge fields, and become prepared for the interdisciplinary eduction that is the mission of SISTA -- the School of Information: Science, Technology and Arts.

Many of these ideas have mathematical formulations and foundations, yet this is not a mathematics course, and it does not assume a mathematics background beyond high school algebra.

Class Lectures

Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30-4:45
Gould-Simpson 906

Final Exam: Tuesday, May 8, 3:30pm-5:30pm, Gould-Simpson 906


Dr. Paul R. Cohen (Professor and Director, SISTA) Dr. Clayton T. Morrison (Associate Director, SISTA)