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SISTA Colloquium Series - Fall 2011


If you would like to give a talk or for more information, you may contact SISTA Associate Director, Clay Morrison at .

Fall 2011 Colloquiums:

Monday, March 5 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Hong Hua, PhD, Associate Professor, Optical Sciences and Electrical and Computer Engineerings
Recent Advancements on Augmented Reality Display Technologies

Monday, February 27 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Alon Efrat, PhD, Associate Professor, Computer Science
The SLIC project: Cross-modality Indexing and Browsing of Distance Learning Media

Monday, February 20 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Brant Robertson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Astronomy
New Advances in Astrophysical Simulation
Video Streaming: Part A  Part B  

Monday, February 13 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Ronald Weinstein, MD, Professor and Director, Arizona Telemedicine Program
Telepathology and the Globalization of Health Care. Inventing and Commercializing a Disruptive IT Technology
Video Streaming: Part A  

Monday, February 6 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Ravi Palanivelu, PhD, School of Plant Sciences, University of Arizona
Technology to the rescue: Understanding courtship in plants
Video Streaming: Part A  Part B  

Monday, January 30 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Grace Chiu, Ph.D. and Anton Westveld, Ph.D., Chiu: Senior Research Scientist; Westveld: Faculty @ BIO5, Chiu: CSIRO; Westveld: BIO5
Food webs, phylogeny, social networks, and statistics: What is the common thread?

Monday, January 23 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Russell Hamilton, PhD, DABMP, Professor, Head of Physics, Radiation Oncology, University of Arizona Cancer Center
Radiation therapy: State of the art and a glimpse into the future.
Video Streaming: Part A  Part B  

Friday, January 20 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Craig Knoblock, Ph.D., Research Profesor, Director of the Information Integration Research Group, University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute
Automatic Source Modeling for Interactive Information Integration
Video Streaming: Part A  Part B  

Monday, December 5 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Paul Ruvolo, Ph.D. Student, Computer Science & Engineering, University of California, San Diego
Inverse Optimal Control for the Computational Analysis and Synthesis of Social Behavior
Video Streaming: Part A  

Friday, December 2 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Craig Knoblock, Research Professor in Computer Science-University of Southern California, Director of Information Integration-USC Information Sciences Institute
Automatic Source Modeling for Interactive Information Integration

Monday, November 14 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Andrew B. Wedel, Linguistics, University of Arizona
Language As An Evolutionary System: Word Meaning Exerts Selection Pressure On Sound Systems

Monday, November 7 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Jennifer Barton, Professor & Head, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Assistant Director, Bio5 Institute, University of Arizona
Analysis of Optical Coherence Tomography and Multi Photon Microscopy Images
Video Streaming: Part A  Part B  

Monday, October 31 (12:00 pm, Student Union Kiva Room):
Harold Cohen, Professor Emeritus, University of California San Diego
Collaborations with My Other Self
Video Streaming: Part A  Part B  

Monday, October 24 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Eric Lyons, Researcher/Senior Scientific Developer, Bio5 Institute, iPlant Collaborative, University of Arizona
Big Data! Computational Challenges In Analyzing and Exploring Genomic Data
Video Streaming: Part A  Part B  

Monday, October 17 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Joanna Monti-Masel, Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona
Molecular Errors, Cryptic Sequences, and Evolvability

Monday, October 10 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Martin Fricke, Associate Professor, School of Information Resources and Library Science, University of Arizona
Logic and the Organization of Information

Thursday, October 6 (11:00 am, Gould-Simpson 906):
Catherine F. Brooks, Assistant Professor and Associate Chair, Communication Studies Department, California State University, Long Beach
Exploring Face-to-face and Online Classroom Discourses: A Case Study of Social Roles as Performed in a College Course
Video Streaming: Part A  Part B  

Monday, October 3 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Kobus Barnard, Associate Professor, School of Information: Science, Technology, and Arts (SISTA), University of Arizona
Sampling plants, fungus, and bedrooms.
Video Streaming: Part A  Part B  

Tuesday, August 2 (12:00 pm, Gould-Simpson 906):
Neville Mehta, Post-Doctoral Candidate, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Oregon State University
Reinforcement Learning (RL)